The Growth MindSet Network For Kids

Giving children the keys to unlock their potential, develop a positive mindset & build resilience using our easy to access, fun online learning programs.

Introducing The Positive Minds Network for Kids

The Positive Minds Network is a collection of wellbeing programs for kids aged 6-12 based on scientifically proven methods to promote growth mindsets, happiness, inquisitive minds, resilience and flourishing. The programs come complete with a simple  easy to follow guide for parents/guardians/educators, resources and beautifully illustrated activities for your children to enjoy. There are also lots of freebies available for you to print off and use at home or in your classroom.

What is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindsets nurture enquiring minds by allowing children to express and try new ways to discover without the fear of being wrong. When being faced with challenges growth mindset helps children to use perseverance and hard work to overcome these obstacles. The belief is that intelligence it not fixed but can be developed. Children who have been introduced to growth mindset techniques and language have more resilience and are more confident.



Resilience is important for children’s overall wellbeing when being faced with challenges such as exams and bullying. Giving children the tools to bounce back from adversity enables them to enjoy adventures, improve their self-esteem and allows them to freely explore and take risks.



Gratitude practice is one of the most simplest forms of maintaining happiness and wellbeing in children. By writing down (or younger children can draw) 3 good things that happened during the day children notice the goodness in their lives. Scientific research has shown that this positive practice has an impact on their physical, emotional and psychological  wellbeing.

Positive Minds Kids

Got Kids? this is for you! There is nothing more important than giving your children the opportunity to develop a growth mindset by building resilience, positive habits and overall happiness.


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