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When it comes to our children, we want them to be confident, ambitious and resilient with the freedom to become their authentic selves. My name is Charlotte and I’m obsessed with well-being and mindset. Being a mum to a little girl and a positive psychology practitioner it’s my mission to help parents & educators raise children with growth mindsets.   

As a previous primary school teacher with years of classroom experience, I understand the importance of nurturing their mindsets and making time for fun, positive, focused activities that help learning and confidence.

There is a huge trend towards adults improving their mindsets and wellbeing with many seeking out alternative services such as coaching to
improve their lives. By studying a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching psychology I have found the principles and implementations to have a huge impact on many areas of my own life including my
approaches to parenting. I have researched deeply into the scientific proven methods into happiness and wellbeing.

The UK government has acknowledged mental health issues amongst children are on the increase with most mental illnesses being apparent before the age of 18. To put all the pressure and focus onto mental health experts to fix existing problems will not solve the emerging underlying issues. We must find ways to prevent this escalation by arming our
children with the necessary tools to become resilient when facing challenges, be able to regulate their own emotions and very importantly be able to design their lives for the future with happiness and overall wellbeing. In my opinion getting the mindset right is one of the keys.



Using Positive Psychology Interventions has produced huge results for many of my clients. They are simple to use, quick to complete and often have a lasting effect on happiness levels. The programs come with a guide for parents and bright colourful print outs with resources to keep kids engaged whilst developing positive habits and wellbeing that will set them up for life.

I am confident the programs will help your kids to develop a growth mindset. I would love to hear your stories and experiences using positive minds programs. 

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Positive Minds Kids

The Positive Minds Network is a collection of well-being programs for kids aged 6-12 based on scientifically proven methods to promote growth mindsets, happiness, inquisitive minds, resilience and flourishing.

The programs come complete with a simple & easy to follow guide for parents/guardians/educators, resources and beautifully illustrated activities for your children to enjoy. There are also lots of freebies available for you to print off and use at home or in your classroom.



  1. Awareness of the positive things in their lives through short gratitude activities.
  2. Tools to build resilience against challenges such as exams and bullying.
  3. Development of a Growth Mindset.
  4. Enhancing positive well-being & flourishing.


Program Prices

There are many free courses for you to work through on Positive Minds Network, but you can also pay as you go on more in-depth course materials.   These courses are individually priced.

Accessing Your Program Materials

Once you have purchased a program you can access them  in your dashboard and work through them at your own pace. 

Programs are made up of modules, and may require you to download worksheets so you may need a printer at times. 

Using our Learning Module

Our Learning system allows you to see your progress. Our learning system is intuitive, but if you have any questions you can get in touch with us here. 

We can’t want for you to get started!