My Super Strengths Program

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Super Strengths Program

In this program your kids will…..

  • Focus on their strengths instead of development areas
  • Use existing strengths to skyrocket their own success
  • Learn different ways to use their strengths
  • Understand strengths can be developed
  • Create new strengths

This program is designed to really take an alternative approach to developing a positive mindset about children’s own abilities and what can be achieved. Children will love learning and exploring their inner strengths and at the same time really moving forwards with confidence. It will really open their minds to exploring different learning approaches. Each page is colourful, fun and illustrated with our very own positive minds super heroes.

The program comes with

  • A parent/guardian/educator guide (PGE)
  • Character strengths cards (child adapted) & PGE instructions
  • Strengths activity sheets
  • Action plans
  • Strengths bands you can wear!


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