It’s all good and well setting goals and working daily to achieve them. We often read and hear about mindset and how important it is for achievement but what really does it mean to have the right mindset?

Well according to Prof Dweck those in growth mindset states tend to do much better than those in fixed.

A fixed mindset is usually based on these
1. Believing in talent and fixed competencies
2. Taking failure personally

A growth mindset compromise of
1. Believing talent can be created and achieved with effort
2. Taking failures as part of the process

So how does this relate to our goal setting? Well firstly those in fixed mindset might set goals around what they think they can definitely achieve leaving out scope for goals that seem extremely hard to get to. Those with growth mindset will set goals further to reach, they know it’s a journey with downfalls and disappointments ready to grow. They would take the bumps in their stride and look for alternative solutions when things aren’t going to plan.

In a fixed mindset it often results in throwing in the towel when things don’t turn out as planned or after a few disappointments. This is where we can sometimes feel like we end up not sticking to goals and following through.

Goal setting and accomplishment is made up of strength in these areas resilience, GRIT, growth mindset, use of character strengths, patience and overall sound mental wellbeing. With these skills you are armed to achieve the goals you have set out. These are some of the components of Positive Psychology and each one deserves its own separate article….

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